Experience centers are the fission reactors of innovation

In the pursuit of creating an experience of a lifetime, brands go out of their way and bring in something so innovative that is surprising even for the creators. Experience centers do not just carry the product or a service but they cumulatively bring the consumers to the front by proving an opportunity to feel amazed that remained unexplored due to the lack of innovative conceptualization of consumer engagement.

Let’s dive in to discuss the importance of experience centers and how they could come to life.

Unlock possibilities

Whenever companies look to go live with their new product or service, it’s always suggested that they create an environment, same as the actual product or try to replicate the experience through Proof of Concepts (POC), MVP (Minimum Viable Product), Prototypes and other tools that help in visualizing the experience before the product/service is made available to the public.

According to Grand View Research, the global virtual prototype market size was valued at USD 210.4 million in 2017. It is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 19.4% from 2018 to 2025. That tells us the importance of simulated experience centers, adding to the value by reducing the chances of failure while providing the opportunity of efficient feedback and correction.

Future tech display

It’s not a new notion that our future has a lot to offer, we are well aware of the pace the technology is progressing and in the times to come, mankind will witness astonishing inventions at every stage of their lives. Currently, we see brands flaunting the future tech through modelling and other techniques, which creates an experience while allowing the users to understand the happenings over time. Likewise, the University of Vermont shared about the living robots that they have developed using a supercomputer. They also released a video showcasing the mechanism while creating an experience for the future tech yet to be implemented.

Holistic Ecosystem

If you want to have every single brand element under a roof that too with working capabilities, making experience centers is the best way. Tech-enabled, simulation-based ecosystems are developed to offer real-like exposure to the users who want to live your technology and get used to the working environment. There are numerous examples of holistic ecosystems created by the brands, which offer a bird’s eye to the consumers and to the world creating a buzz around the brand. The below picture of the experience center of Pon Holdings, which was located in the Netherlands worked on the Move Mobility Experience to offer simulations and top-notch tech in the environment suiting their proposition. Brands like, Tata Steel, Hindustan Uniliver and several others have their theme-based experience centers that represent their common objectives as organizations.

Source: Bruns

Personalized brand experience

The intent of the brands must be directed to ease the way users operate the products and services so that the experience steers the way for the actual functionalities of the product rather than any unrelated aspect, which is useless to the consumers. The personalized experience is the key to attract users and keep them using the services without looking at any competitor. Many brands have been going out of their way to create a personalized experience for the consumers, as was seen with Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, which started in 2011 in Australia and got extended to several other countries, including India and China. The below photograph is of the same campaign where they used the ‘Hindi’ language to make personalized bottle packaging and people went crazy to buy the one resembling their loved ones.

Source: Packaging News

Use cases and demonstrations

It’s always more inspiring when consumers get to see their products coming to life or at least near to life situations. This creates a buzzing environment around the product as you become a talking point concerning the thoughtfulness and creativity of the brand. If the demonstration or use case gels with the company’s positioning, it becomes even more fruitful for achieving the marketing objectives of a company. The below demonstration by Jhony Walker resembled a collaboration with ‘Game of Thrones’ to come up with a brand ‘White Walker’ the display creates an environment of the show and also adds to the brand value of ‘Jhony Walker’

Source: Repsly


Playing strategically with the campaigns is always a thoughtful approach, which aids in creating something innovative and unique that may establish an experience of a lifetime. The inception of brand-specific experience centers leads to an extensive list of opportunities, which usually go unexplored by the marketers. Numerous brands depict a tale of experimenting with the product proposition to remain in the eyes of the audience while gaining popularity and the desired brand positioning. Experience centers are attracting mileage as users are getting influenced by the creativity and also, social media is playing a part in spreading the word like never before.


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