How Event Professionals Can Lead a Stress Free Life?

How Event Professionals Can Lead a Stress Free Life?

Did you know Event Coordination has been listed in the top five most stressful jobs in 2017? A recent survey also revealed that 71% event professionals felt that their colleagues are suffering from stress. While it’s easy to tell them not to be stressful, it’s way harder when you’re in their shoes. There’s nothing much you can do when you are doing late nights for five days straight planning for a huge event by a hot shot client. A lot is at stake and a small slip-up can jeopardise the success of your event as well as your job. However, smart measures when taken in the right spirit to manage your time/schedule and prioritise your tasks, can help you get sorted, minimise the likelihood of errors and stay stress free!

9 Measures Event Professionals Can Take to Live Stress Free

1. Outsourcing tasks which are beyond their capacity

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Sometimes, we are involved in the success of an event so passionately that we tend to overburden ourselves with tasks that can also be managed by others. Either because we don’t want to risk it to leave the job to another person or we are too engrossed to even check if we’re the truly the right person for this task. So, list down the to-do tasks, and check which of them can be handled in a better way by another professional. The answer is simple: OUTSOURCE.

2. Developing a closely knit team of subject matter experts

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Two minds are always better than one. Create a team of subject matter experts on different aspects of your event, who can give their useful inputs to make the event a success. Foster collaboration and work towards a common goal – the event. After all, teams work in teamwork!

3. Using technology to your advantage

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There are so many tools available that not only help you manage time, but also create to do lists and tick off tasks when done! Create collaborative Google drive excels and WhatsApp Groups to keep the team on track with all the updates. Also, personal time management tools and note-taking apps like Evernote and Asana are also great to ensure that nothing slips between the cracks!

4. Creating personal deadlines

Rather than getting bogged down by deadlines, stay a step ahead, plan head and create your own personal deadline which is way earlier than your stipulated time. This is the best way to reduce the stress of having ticking bombs in your head. When you’re already ahead of time, who cares about stupid deadlines, right?

5. Decentralizing management

Fight your urge to get into the details of everything. We know you love your job, and want everything to be perfect. But sometimes, it’s smarter to just take a step back and let others do what they’re supposed to do. Avoid getting into everything and let the Subject Matter Experts lead the show. Trust your co-workers, and trust us, it’s better that way. Not just for the event but also for the sanity of your own mind.

6. Automating mundane and repetitive tasks

Nowadays, there is an app for everything. Also, there are systems with which you can integrate the data from different teams and reduce repetitive tasks that completely drain you. For example, you could sync your event data with sales data, so that it helps automate things that needn’t be on your task list every day. This will save you a whole lot of time to be spent on more important and creative tasks.

7. Adopting a solution-centric approach instead of makeshift arrangements

Always have a Plan B, a contingency plan. Don’t wait for the calamity to strike and run in different directions to save the day. Instead, have a solution-centric approach well laid out in advance so that you can avoid the last minute drama and chaos.

8. Mentoring your juniors

It’s always a wise move to mentor your juniors to be as good a taskmaster as you are! It will take so much load off your back and will also give your subordinates the chance to learn and grow. They will not only respect you more for this, but also will do their best to impress you. So it’s a win-win for all. But make sure that you train them with clearly instructed broken down task lists, so that nothing goes wrong because of a communication glitch.
These simple strategies can help you keep calm and carry on. So don’t let stress get the best of you and have fun while you work.


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