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How To Create A Pitch Deck That Impresses Investors?

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How To Create A Pitch Deck That Impresses Investors?

You have the idea, you have the vision, and you have the roadmap to success. But how are you going to turn all that into a thriving business?

That's right. You need capital to succeed, whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned pro.

However, it is a challenging task to approach people and ask them to invest in your business. No one will give you any funds without completely believing in your venture.

While your elevator pitch has intrigued peopled give you a closer look, you need something much better to convert any potential investors.

Subsequently, your top priority is to make sure you approach the right people and choose the right approach to convince people to invest.

Here's where you start thinking about creating an investor pitch deck to see progress in your business.

What is an Investor Pitch Deck?

An investor pitch deck is a presentation you show potential investors to encourage them to invest in your business. The key premise behind an investor deck is to convince your investors, get the required funds for your venture, and start making your business a success.

As the presenter, you need to be able to convince your audience. Your passion and belief in your idea can change the investors' minds. However, simply talking is not enough. You need to ensure that you leave a strong impact on your audience.

Here's where a pitch deck becomes essential. Since the pitch deck is a set of slides, you can incorporate many visual elements like graphs, images, infographics, and even short videos to make it more exciting and memorable.

Are There Different Types of Investor Pitch Decks?

Broadly, you can split investor pitch decks into two main types - One is a deck that includes detailed information an investor might need before investing in your business. You can send these to potential investors as hard copies or even via email to review the deck at their leisure. Then, the investors can study each slide in detail and assimilate the information to make an informed decision.

Other than these, a face-to-face presentation is also necessary to convince the investor to believe in your vision.

While the first pitch deck can be detailed-oriented with a lot of information to convince your investor, you can create the face-to-face pitch deck to be more visual.

Since the presentation's premises to ensure the investor invests in your business, you want the presenter to be the focus. Therefore, the pitch deck needs to be more concise with brief, impactful information. Here the slide deck needs to include specific information. Even the projected financials need to be concise. The presenter must use the pitch deck as a guide to present the new venture convincingly without distracting the investors with too much imagery.

A pitch deck has the potential to sway investors and give you the funding you require to make your business a success. It is your one chance to impress and provide your audience with a visual idea about the value your business or product could have in the market.

What are the Essential Slides That You Should Include In An Investor Pitch Deck

Now that you know the two kinds of investor pitch decks, here is how you can create an investor pitch deck that amazes potential investors.

Your slide deck needs to cover all information any investor would need before deciding to fund your business. Ideally, you need to ensure that your pitch deck is only as much as 10 slides long. While you can go beyond the 10 slides, following the 10-20-30 rule can help create visually impactful informative pitch decks to help you succeed.

These are a few slides you need in your investor pitch deck.

Introduce Your Business

The first slide needs to be an introduction to your company. While not a company profile presentation, you need to include the significant elements that you would typically include in a profile deck. You can add three to four bulleted points summarizing the business's operations. The presenter can use the slide while explaining the story behind the formation of your company.

Company Mission and Vision

A company mission statement is an official statement describing the company's purpose. It lays out the exact purpose of forming the company and how it will serve its customers. It is an important statement that needs to be decided at the time of the company's incorporation. A vision is a future goal the company hopes to achieve through the success of its various operations. A vision statement is essential as it helps decide the company's path and motivates employees to work towards common shared goal.

Introduce Your Product

This slides when you can start introducing the product you pitch to the investors. Explain the current scenario in the market. You can create a few buyer personas for your potential customers. You can create short videos for more impact. Explain clearly what problems are persisting in the market. Including statistics here can add more depth and value to your research in understanding your market. Unless you can make the investors understand the problems in the industry, you will have a hard time convincing them to sign up with you.

Highlight How Your Product Is The Solution To Existing Challenges

Now that you have brought to attention the existing problem and gap in the industry, you need to introduce your product. You need to ensure that your investors understand that your product is the solution to the problems in the industry. Describe exactly how your product can help solve the problem lingering in the market. Include results from beta testing your products with your target group. Again, videos or written testimonials from actual users are an excellent way to highlight the effectiveness of your product.

Competitor Analysis

Your investors need to know the competition in the industry for your product or service. Mention who your competitors are and how exactly their product matches or differs from yours. This slide is essential as it can make the investors understand that you know the market and how you need to function to beat back your competitors.

Introduce the Team

Your team is the functioning engine that is holding your product up. The high-level expertise of each member contributed to bringing the product to the development stage. Therefore, in the slide where you introduce your members, you must highlight the background and expertise of each member and explain clearly how they were essential in the planning and development phase. You can also include photos, as they can help add a human touch to influence potential investors.

Explain Your Business Model

Your business model slide is to explain to investors how you will be using the product or service from the pitch for developing the business. It will also explain how you will be utilizing the funds from investors to develop the product and how you may use it to create a better version in the future. A sound business model can inculcate trust in investors that you have a clear vision about how you want your business to develop. Ensure that you do not fill the slide with lots of text. Instead, use numbers, ratios, and percentages to make the slide impactful.

Provide a Marketing Strategy

Along with a business model, you must also provide a marketing strategy to explain how you plan to promote your products in the industry: highlight which marketing channels you would use and the precise reasons for using them. In addition, you need to explain more about your target audience demographic and why those channels would be the best way to reach them.

Include Financial Information / Projections

This is one of the most important slides in your investor pitch deck. Your potential investors want to know how the current financial status of the company. For example, in the case of a new product, you would need to provide the cost of making each product and how much you would sell it for. Along with this, you would need to mention all associated expenses. The slide also needs to provide projected sales and profits for the next 1, 3 and 5 years. Use realistic numbers that your selected strategies can achieve within the next few years.

Include The Ask

Behold in clearly stating how much you are asking from your investors. Explain how much you would need for your operations and how the funds would be allocated. If you have any current investors, clearly disclose them. Explain clearly what the investors would be getting in return for providing you with capital to expand your business.

Synopsis of Your Pitch

Once you have presented the key elements of your investor pitch deck, you need to start wrapping up. Before you wind up the presentation, have a slide highlighting the presentation's critical points. Since the ultimate aim of your pitch deck is to seek investment, make sure to call attention to the information that would most likely sway your investors into funding your business.

The slides mentioned here can be increased or decreased as per the actual requirements of your business. However, try to incorporate the information mentioned here in your pitch deck to give your investors all the required information.

Key Points Ensure Your Investor Pitch Delivers Results

Use Appropriate Visual Aids

Pitch deck needs to be visually appealing. Don't include too much information that people struggle to take in everything. If there is an interesting backstory to the product, create an image-based story about creating the product. If done right, you can leave a vivid image of your product in your investor's mind.

Make Sure the Slide Deck Is Accessible

You must provide your potential investors with a copy of your pitch deck. Investors would need to look at all the information from the pitch decks patiently before deciding to invest in your company. Therefore, save your pitch decks in easily accessible formats they can study from any smart device.

Don't Stuff Information

Make sure you fill up your decks with only the necessary information. Then, after your presentation, if the investors need additional data, they can ask you for them separately. You can also provide the appropriate files for their perusal.

Use Language That Is Easy To Understand

Ensure that the language you use in the slide decks and during the vocal presentations easy to understand. For example, while it makes sense to use industry jargon, only some of your investors or audience may be familiar with it. To avoid misunderstandings, use simple words that cannot be misinterpreted.

Make Sure Your Deck Looks Professional

While presenting to a group of investors, you are trying to impress them and convince them to partner with you. Unfortunately, you may not be able to hire professionals to make your pitch deck. However, there are many free templates available online that you can use to create a professional-looking pitch deck.

Stay True To Your Brand Identity

As it develops, your brand identity will set you apart from any competitors in the industry. Brand identity needs to be created and created right from the moment you set up your company. Any content that is created needs to adhere to the branding strategy. For example, your pitch deck needs to include brand colours, font sizes, and the judicious use of the logo.

Your CTA Needs To Be Impressive

Your presentation and pitch deck needs to be you need to ensure that the audiences ready to invest in your business. This is where that can happen. You know you have a winning product that can transform the market. While the entire presentation needs to be impressive, your CTA should make your audience feel it.

Remember To Protect Yourself

While sending the pitch deck to your potential investors, always include a watermark in all the slides to mark it as your property. You also need to add a confidentiality clause in the emails when you are sending the pitch deck to the investors. This is to protect yourself from getting cheated.

Examples of Successful Investor Pitch Decks

Here are a few successful investor pitch decks that generated immense capital for businesses.

Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy from Shark Tank is one of the best pitches on a television show. While not a traditional pitch deck, it does involve pitching to potential investors to seek capital. The physical demonstration of the product worked well in showing investors what the product can do. The financial information about the cost of production and selling prices is what finally started a bidding war for investing in the product.


Airbnb founderscreated an investment pitch deck highlighting how their new venture can help travellers choose them as an alternative to expensive hotels and resorts. The pitch deck consisted of partnering with locals in any country to provide accommodations for the visitors. Their pitch was highly successful as they closed with an investment of US $ 600,000.


Facebook has grown from a small website into the global giant it is today over the last two decades. At the time of seeking investment, Facebook was not profitable. Yet, with their highly impressive pitch deck and how it was presented, Facebook managed to get an initial investment of US $ 500,000.

Leave Your Worries At The Door, Choose INK PPT

Building a highly engaging investor pitch deck is essential to see business success. Without adequate investment from investors, growth remains stagnant, and there are high chances for failure. Many start-ups fail because they are unable to convince investors to believe in their vision for the future. Rather than fail because of an unimpressive pitch deck, look to professionals to build one for you.

Investors are bombarded with thousands of pitches every day. At INK PPT, our design experts can help you create an investor pitch deck that can stand out from the crowd and entice investors.

Our designers take input from you regarding your business and processes and your potential investors to understand how best they can help you. As a result, we can create an investor pitch deck with the correct information to get your business up from the ground and make you soar high.

Contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you with a tentative plan to create an amazing pitch deck.

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