How To Prepare For Post-Presentations

Preparing a presentation and creating all those interesting and encapsulating slides is only half the battle won. It is in fact, only 50% of the job. The other 50% is what truly makes it or breaks it. What is the other 50%. you ask? The post-presentation. The closing speech, the audience response plan, the ability to handle the Q&A round, the overall engagement with the audience; all of these are what tie your presentation together and make it complete and successful.

Let’s break down the different points that will help you prepare well for post-presentations

1. Know Your Data In & Out: This may seem like a simple thing to do, but just knowing your data superficially is NOT enough. If there are certain debatable points in your presentation, then make sure you study and research around those points. Don’t go into your presentation with half-baked knowledge. Know both sides of the coin, and spend a lot of time going over and over your presentation. This is very important if the presentation has been put together by a fellow colleague or associate.
2. Create An Audience Response Plan: What points have the capability to trigger a response from your audience? What will pique their interest and get the conversations going? For example, if you state that your organization faced a lot of challenges and dipped in its profits in a particular year, but that you managed to turn things around, leave that point unelaborated. Chances are high that someone from the audience will ask you HOW you managed to turn things around. These are basic prompts that can get the audience to ask you numerous questions. This gives you a great opportunity to flaunt a greater and deeper understanding of what you have said during the presentation, and will go a long way in impressing the audience as well.
3. Give A Closing Speech: At the end of the presentation, it’s essential that you sum up your points with a closing speech. Abruptly ending with the last slide always leaves the audience in a jolt, and does not give you the desired outcome. Therefore, always give the closing points, and finish the presentation in a smooth way, as that will tie everything together in a uniformed and articulate way.
4. Give Yourself Enough Time To Engage With The Audience: In other words, don’t rush through at the end, as it always leaves an unsatisfied audience. Treat your presentation like a two-way dialogue, where you state certain facts, but also engage with the audience in a meaningful and interesting way. Ask the audience some questions, know their thoughts about a particular topic, and at the end, turn it into a robust conversation. By doing so, you will close the presentation on a high note, and will also create your desired impact.
5. Give Handouts: The best way to come across as being thoroughly prepared is to end the presentation with an informative handout for everyone in the room. This helps your audience in recalling everything you had to say, and also makes you look extremely professional, organized and consistent. The handouts do not have to be too wordy, and can be a quick summary of all that was said by you, and can also have your contact information at the end, if someone wishes to get in touch or collaborate for business ventures and ideas.

A good presenter is the one who handles the post-presentation part with ease and confidence, and with these tips, you will definitely make a mark with your audience, regardless of how big or small it might be. Remember to always listen to the audience carefully, know your data through and through, and be concise and clear in your responses. You will not only have a winning post-presentation, but will gain a lot of confidence for every presentation you give from here on.


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