Master Slide in PowerPoint

The Master Slide in PowerPoint is known as the main slide. It defines and sets the layout, colors, typography, background, imagery, and other things for the presentation slides that follow under it. So, if you make any changes in any of these elements in the Master Slide- they will automatically be applied to all the remaining presentation slides below it. Consider the Master Slide as the starting point where the design guidelines are decided for the entire PowerPoint presentation.

When you design your master slide you can make immediate global changes to the entire PowerPoint presentation deck instead of repeating the same changes again and again for each slide.

Go to View > Slide Master to turn it on and start customizing.

When you click Slide Master, PowerPoint will automatically generate a set of slides underneath the main slide. This will look like a presentation template. The default PowerPoint presentation slide template is plain with a headline and subheading. But the Master Slide gives you more to work in terms of layouts, containers, columns, bullets, shapes, elements, and more.

Here is how the Master Slide works. Take a look at some examples of how to adjust fonts, colors, backgrounds, and other visual metaphors for the entire presentation deck with just a single click.

Change the font on all slides

To make global changes to the entire presentation deck, remember that you need to be in the Slide Master tab. Because that’s where the global settings are located. Below is an example of how to change the font on all the slides in the presentation deck with a single click.

Change the Colors on All Slides

Colors change in the Master Slide when you change the entire color scheme for the PowerPoint presentation deck. The color scheme can be primary accent colors, secondary colors, and more. To change the colors on all the slides, you can easily customize the color schemes so that you can apply your set of brand colors for a consistent design flow/look.

Change the Background on All Slides

Like other settings in Master Slide, you can instantly change the background color of the presentation deck with a single click. After making the changes you can still change the background of a single slide underneath the Master Slide. You’ve got that much flexibility!

Time to start

In case you haven’t worked with the Master Slide feature in PowerPoint, we hope these tips showed were useful for you. These tips can be a huge productivity boost especially when you need to build last-minute consistent presentations. This can make designing of presentations faster, so give it a go and let us know how it works for you!

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