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Restarting My Career After Venturing into Business by Puneet

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Puneet Chauhan
Restarting My Career After Venturing into Business by Puneet

Navigating the Corporate Comeback : Restarting My Career After Venturing into Business

Introduction -

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey can be a thrilling and transformative experience. However, as life often unfolds in unexpected ways, there may come a time when the call of corporate life beckons once again. This blog explores my journey as a business entrepreneur to a working official in the corporate sector.

Reflecting on the Entrepreneurial Adventure -

My entrepreneurial journey started back in 2017 with my fellow MBA friends. After working in the corporate sector we decided to explore the world of business and hence our brand Mr. Brown took inception. The journey was not less than a roller coaster ride with a lot of hard work and learning on its way. Exploring the market, pitching our product getting rejected were all part of this exciting journey. The initial phase of our business was skyrocketing and we were making huge profits. But soon our business took a huge toll and we were faced with multiple challenges such as delayed payment from the clients, weak sales pitch from our end and distress in the partnership which soon led to the collapse and a hard decision to end the business.

Life after the failure in business -

Time is inevident what seems to be good at a given point of time can turn into bad or worse within a blink of an eye. I was going through multiple challenges and was questioning about my decision of starting a business. I moved to my hometown and enclosed my self from the outer world. While I was going through this phase I was still getting calls from job recruiters but I was too hesitant to pick them up as the mere idea of starting the corporate life again was out of question for me. I was reluctant to step outside and face the world as my failure had taken over me.

The turn of events -

Creative Team | INK PPT

It took me almost an year to accept my failure and move on in life. I started taking control of my life by first getting fit mentally and physically. I started doing yoga and exercise which btw I still follow everyday. As they say that god always have some better plans for you and there it was. I was sitting at a holy place when I received a call for a job interview, usually I tend to ignore it but somehow I picked this one, it was a job recruiter and my interview was scheduled for job in INK PPT. Finally the day came of my interview, I was quite nervous as it had been quite sometime that I had given one. I met Aayush, the founder of the company and there the turn of events happened. We had a long and a meaningful conversation and while talking to him all my hesitation and my doubts vanished of entering into the corporate world again. I started as a Project Manager in INK PPT in 2018 and this exciting journey still continues. Life at INK PPT has been an exciting one with loads and loads of memories to cherish. From sleepless nights of work to fun filled outings with the team. There had been a lot that I have learned and still a lot yet to be learned in my ongoing journey here.

There are many people out there who have lived my story and many would might be in future. Starting a business is big and a courageous step. The one thing that we need to understand is that success and failures are all part of life if you don't succeed in business, life doesn't end there, and life always gives you another chance, its on you whether you take it or let it go. Before delving into the process of restarting a corporate career, it's crucial to reflect on the entrepreneurial adventure. What were the key takeaways, lessons learned, and skills acquired during your time as a business owner? Whether it's resilience, strategic thinking, or financial acumen, these entrepreneurial skills can become valuable assets in the corporate realm.

 Embracing Adaptability -

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Transitioning from business to corporate life requires adaptability. Be open to new ways of working, corporate cultures, and different management styles. Embrace the learning curve with a positive mindset, demonstrating your ability to adapt to change and thrive in diverse environments.

Conclusion -

Embarking on the journey of restarting a corporate career after a stint in business is a rewarding challenge. By leveraging your entrepreneurial experiences, updating your skills, and building a strong professional network, you can position yourself for success in the corporate world. Embrace the journey with enthusiasm, and let your unique blend of skills and experiences set you apart in your new corporate endeavors.


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