Presenting To My Past

Hey Bro, I am talking to you. I know… I know I am a 50 year old man; what would I know about youth, about fun, beer and girls. What would I know about heartbreaks, headaches and incessant cash crunches. You are at least twenty five years younger to me, how could I possibly talk about trials and errors to you when you are still thinking about those new sneakers and that EPL match on the weekend. You are wild, reckless and an adrenaline junkie, all that I am now is mellow and still.

However, hear this old man out. Let me present my thoughts, give me five minutes from your full steam rushing life, not because I will bestow words of wisdom, but because I am you!!

Now I am sitting in front of my pc, working on a holographic film while typing away on INK PPT, which surprise surprise you are well aware of. When you wake up tomorrow morning, you will receive a presentation from yourself, do not be shocked, okay… be a little shocked but go through it.

You believe this time of struggle will never pass, you believe you will always be confused, always asking yourself what now? You think that you will always keep striving to present yourself better, present yourself differently, present yourself perfectly.

Well, part of it is true, you will never be perfect, because no one can be, you will never make that perfect film (see…. I am still trying) and there will always be people who will present themselves and their pitches better. But if you do not lose heart, I am guaranteeing you will be a rockstar!

Stop getting distracted by utopian dreams, much better realities lie in front of you. If you can, stop sipping that extra beer or having that last puff of cigarette, trust me, it will help. Start making decisions out of ambition and not out of emotions. You dude were born with that rare gift of creating new ideas at 4 am in the morning and you still do, please do not stop that.

Start reading again, I wish I could explain to you how vital it will be for your success. Every presentation and person requires a new perspective every time, you have to collect these perspectives in the words and letters you are right now ignoring.

Well, it is getting late now, I have to work on that film I wrote about above, it is stupendous, you would have loved it. I hope the INK Time Portal opens again someday and I get to talk to you, listen to your side of the story. If I have gone too far and become too preachy, forgive this old man. But do not delete this mail, it will serve as a reminder that the future will present you with a lot more.

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