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What Does Every Smart Brand Awareness Campaign Have In Common?

What Does Every Smart Brand Awareness Campaign Have In Common?

A brand awareness campaign is essential to ensure your audience is familiar with your products. In addition, creating awareness about your logo, tagline, and overall brand helps your audience differentiate between your and your competitor's products.

With the social media uprising over the last decade, companies have access to a new platform to bring awareness about their products and brand.

The main aim of a successful brand awareness campaign is to ensure that you leave your audience with a solid impression of you. The moment they see or hear about you, your products come to the forefront of their mind.

Examples of Amazing Brand Awareness Campaigns

1. Vodafone

When Hutch was still known as Hutch, the brand awareness campaign involved a simple advertisement with a young boy and a pug. The difficulty of showing invisible mobile networks as a physical object was solved using a loyal dog that follows his friend everywhere. Even years after the company became Vodafone, the pug is still known as the Hutch dog in most parts of India.

2. Surf Excel

Surf Excel targeted their products specifically toward mothers who often worry about the cleanliness of their children. With their tagline, 'Daag Acche Hain' or Stains are Okay - they emphasised the effectiveness of their product that Surf Excel can clean any stain on your clothes. It was an instant success and set them apart from other detergents in the market. This ad campaign has evolved into new streams with the same basic message that resonates with its audience.

The Surf Excel campaign gives out evergreen content every year on Holi - the festival of colours to give their brand an added boost.

Each of these companies employed a few overlapping strategies to make it a memorable brand awareness campaign.

Common Themes Of Successful Brand Awareness Campaign

Understand your Audience

Before launching your campaign, you need to understand your audience. Use surveys, polls, and other information collating techniques to gain insights into your audience's requirements. For example, ask your customers why they are choosing your product and the one thing that is preferable to your competitors. These answers can help create an effective strategy.

Build Audience Trust

The goal of an effective campaign is to build trust with your target customers. To build trust, you must care for your audience’s opinions. Any complaints or grievance needs to be addressed without delay. You can appoint a social media manager to interact with your audience regularly and keep communication channels open.

Using Social Media Platforms To Connect

Based on the information you gain from researching your audience can help you understand which social media platform they use more. Each platform will need a different strategy to bring awareness to your brand. For example, if your audience primarily uses TikTok, you may need short videos and trending topics to promote your brand; in case it is Facebook, you may need to use different tactics to reach your audience.

Promoting Your Products and Services

Once you have identified the social platforms, you must promote your products. If existing customers buy from you, you can use upselling methods to promote new or adjacent products in your shop. For example, use short videos or social media trends to get your products and brand in front of your audience.

Build Authority

Provide your audience and customers with content they want to see. For example, use thought leadership blogs to promote yourself as an authority. Use customer reviews and feedback as content to educate your audience about the benefits of your products over your competitors.

Use Multiple Mediums

You need to use multiple content mediums to create a sustaining brand awareness campaign. For example, you cannot have only blog posts as content or only images. Instead, you need a combination of videos, infographics, and images to ensure your brand reaches your target customers.

Seek Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty can be attained only by providing your customers with the best products and services. While it is essential to provide quality products, it is also vital to respond to customer grievances. If any customer raises a complaint, you need to ensure that their grievance is resolved and they are satisfied with the results. This could go a long way in retaining your customer's loyalty and encouraging them to choose your products over competitors.

Be Consistent

You must ensure consistency no matter what strategy you choose to increase brand awareness for your products. For example, if you publish two blog posts per week for two weeks, and then for the next three weeks, you are inactive, it is clear you have no proper schedule. Ensure you have a content calendar that clearly defines when you will be on social media and what content you will post on which platform. For example, if you have an Instagram page to promote your products, you must ensure that you post at least twice a week. Not only will this engage your customers, but it will also increase customer trust in your brand.

Track Your Success

Once you have implemented your strategy, you must track the campaign's results. Tracking your progress will help you understand where and when your campaign succeeded unanimously and where you fell short. All social media channels have a section where you can check the reach of your content. For example, check to see if you are getting organic or paid traffic. You can also use quarterly financial reports to see if implementing any particular strategy has increased your sales and profits. This tracking will help you strategise new avenues to bring awareness to your brand.

Key Takeaway

Brand awareness campaigns cannot remain as one-and-done deals. You need to track your progress regularly to ensure that a strategy works well. After all, you also need to ensure that you get a good ROI on the amount you spend on your branding campaigns.

At INK PPT, we use several branding strategies to ensure that your brand reaches peak awareness among your audience. We help build a solid brand that keeps your audience coming back for more.

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