REWIND: Full course on 'Introduction to the World of Presentations'

In the series of your 'Introduction to the World of Presentations', we have covered the fundamentals of a presentation, its purpose, process, development, and impact.   

In the first session 'What's a presentation?', we discussed several meanings of a presentation. A presentation is an act of communication with the intended audience through a relevant medium to inform, persuade or build goodwill. With examples, we understood the three main aspects of a presentation.   

In the second session, we understood the correlation of human perception with presentations. We learned the motive behind presenting, and its purpose according to the thoughts we need to share.   

In the third session, we explored the stakeholders that should be kept in mind while building the presentation. Every conversation you make has something at the stake. And the better you understand its relevance and value to the stakeholder, the simpler it is for you to get your point across. We further delved into the segments of the audience.   

In the fourth session, we understood the basic process of making a presentation. The multiple steps of a presentation process commonly include:

  1. Audience Understanding 
  2. Research & Analysis 
  3. Messaging & Storytelling 
  4. Concept ideation 
  5. Design & development 
  6. Delivery  

We further understood the significance of each step, and the plethora of possibilities they carry.   

This knowledge that you have gained about the world of presentations will take you a long way. It will enhance your interactions at a conversational level, and will uplift your presentational skills in almost every field you are associated with.   

Now that you have gained these skills, polish them further by practicing and exploration of the tools and techniques that are required to build a presentation. If you visit my website, you will find many templates and examples of presentation styles that are effective.   

If you found this course helpful, and are interested in learning further, do opt for further courses associated with creating presentations and more. Meanwhile, you will be kept updated with the new sessions and information that is released in future. 

This is not a goodbye, just a small break of our journey. We'll communicate soon, with new ideas and presentation sessions! 

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