What’s next in the line for financial reporting?

Annual financial reports are a lot more than just figures of a fiscal year, portraying the health and wealth of the company.

The annual report comes out as the most subtle and exciting way of communicating your brand value without even marketing it explicitly. You get to showcase your company’s culture, talk about future endeavours and make your investors happier at the same time.

Though every government mandates certain companies to make their annual reports public for transparency and a sense of understanding for the investors, there is a lot more than compliances to an Annual report. Let us know what’s next to be explored and cherished.

Digital Annual Report Optimization

Annual reports, designed specifically for digital platforms may not be the newest, but they are certainly not the conventional way of delivering reports in the larger space. A printable annual report, being saved as a PDF and then shared on digital platforms is not the digital report we are talking about.

Digital reports are never printed and are made device-specific for extensive usability across devices like mobiles, tablets, desktops. This upgradation of reporting could be your next technological advancement and will certainly make you and your investors stand out.

Digital reports allow effortless navigation and comprehension as they are smoothly scrollable, clickable, lets you zoom in and out conveniently and also offer you a vibrant outlook of being revolutionary.

Visual Reporting rather than Annual Reporting?

Let’s call it an engagement mechanism rather than a report! If your annual report is just full of numbers, paragraphs, looking like a news bulletin, there is no chance, the ignorant audience of these days will spend their time to toggle between those figures and comprehend your success. The task at hand is to make it a cakewalk and achieving that is fairly possible with the visual narration of the crucial stats. More than speaking, it’s about showing the happenings of a year spent well on growth and prosperity. Going forward, more and more brands will be shifting towards visualization, and the practice will become pretty normal in the coming years.

IOCL Annual Report Snapshot

More reporting with storytelling

It would be a crime to start a report without deciding a motive; for reaching somewhere, at least a direction is required. Your theme works as a definite path of progress. Aligning that story with the progress will make you stand out; for doing so, the narrative must be built around the key achievement or the past year and revolve around every other crucial aspect. More than anything else, you must build an inspiring story of your work and never forget to pay gratitude to your investors, wherever required.

Video Reporting

You can’t expect every investor to be fond of reading! You ought to provide to the good listeners and the viewers too. Going forward brands will be more end result-focused, providing comfort to the audience as they desire. The video report must not be another version of the digital report with some animations but a solely developed video that is easier to comprehend, remember and also with a story that connects.

Connecting people with people

Rather than using animated graphics, it’s going to be a lot more useful, if you use the real photographs of real people to connect the audience with the exact definition of your brand. You can’t just miss out on the human connection, not now, not in the future!

This practice helps in developing your brand as a people-centric one and lends the emotional touch required to gain a loyal and growing investor base.

CSF Annual Report Snapshot

Reporting through smart copywriting

Moving forth, brands will be narrating a tale through their numbers and visuals, but the text will also go through a transition. Starting with the initial heading to a footnote, every aspect must be a well thought out one depicting the clear essence of the last spent year. Brands are working on a concept of making the annual report seem like a mystery novel offering a sense of tranquillity at the end. This tranquillity must come from the fact that investors have made the correct decision to stick to your brand.

Marketing the success

You may be printing the reports or posting them on your website but, are you marketing the masterpiece that has been created over the year? This seems like uncharted territory for many as they will market the products, services and everything else but fail to put an honest effort into making the most influential document available with ease. The required intensity of marketing the report is going to be the same or even more in the coming years than the one for developing the report. The same phenomenon will decide the future of new investments coming your way.

While making your reports public, one must work on investor communication more than anything else so that your document even reaches the moon in a single click.

ESG Disclosures

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance disclosure is not the thing of the future but is surely less adopted by the brands. If you are willing to be the trendsetter or remain at that very spot, then your ESG must be reflected with a designated space for comprehension and conveying the essence you carry throughout. More than anything else, your investors require hard data showcasing the heart of the company they have been believing in. There is no better way to include that in your reports. If you can deploy your value creation model in place, you will gain an investor sticking with you even when the tide is not your way.


You can’t just expect people to read your report without any incentive; there must be an informative angle providing an industry outlook as a whole. The intent will remain to connect the people through reader-friendly technology, investor-friendly approaches and people-centric communication. If you are willing to begin the next disruption, there is no point to step back and not experiment creatively with your reporting.

Though reports will change the prime objective of providing the investors with the information about the brand’s, financials won’t get lost in between.


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