How Should I Prepare For My First Presentation In Life

Let’s face it, giving presentations is anything but easy, especially if you are going into it for the FIRST time! You are bound to be nervous and unsure, but what if we laid out the solution for you through these easy sure-shot ways that will not only help you get rid of the jitterbugs, but will also help in organizing your thoughts and overall presentation? Read on and find out!
1. Understand your audience: Knowing your audience is the first step in preparing for your presentation. Do a little bit of background research on the people who will be present to hear you speak. Everything stems from this, as during and after the presentation you would connect with them, and therefore knowing their values and interests would go a long way in shaping a positive outcome for your presentation.
2. Analyze and define the purpose of your presentation: Why have you chosen this topic? What is the end objective? Is there a call to action that’s required? Are you trying to change minds or make a difference, or are you simply sharing your research on a particular subject? Ask yourself these questions and define the purpose. This will not only give you a clear frame of mind, but it will also boost your confidence levels before you present.
3. Have a clear introduction & conclusion: It is very important to set the tone of your presentation in the right direction, and it is also pivotal to have a uniformed and smooth conclusion. Once you are done framing your points on each slide, revisit the presentation and ensure that you have a thesis to begin with, and a summary of thoughts at the end. This will make you look extremely professional and well organized.
4. Practice before you present: This is a crucial point that cannot be stressed enough. Go through your presentation over and over again till you have it memorized like the back of your hand. The more you practice,the easier it will get, and you won’t feel as nervous or jittery before, or even during the presentation.
5. Keep easy to understand notes: A lot of people have the tendency to write detailed notes, but that only makes it complicated, as you would end up fumbling through the notes instead of actually reading them. Therefore, it is best to keep bullet points that encapsulate your thought, and are easy to read and understand while you are presenting.
6. Last, but not least, BREATHE, relax and take it easy: Yes, it is your FIRST presentation, but there are going to be many more, so you need to calm those nerves. Take a break if you are feeling overwhelmed, drink a cup of tea or coffee, get your thoughts together, sleep, meditate and go with the flow. As long as you have done your research, made proper notes, and practiced, you don’t need to worry about anything!

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