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How to Create a Winning Product Launch Presentation

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How to Create a Winning Product Launch Presentation

Your brand has come up with a new product. You have to launch it now. You and your team are feeling all the jitters. After all, product launch is one of the most crucial stages of a product launch. Some might say it is the “make or break” stage. 

Well, a product launch presentation could ease the nerves for you. A product launch presentation helps you deliver your product message and connect with the audience in an easy manner. But only a great product launch presentation can do that. And that is what we’re helping you with today.

In this article, we’ll tell you:

  • What exactly classifies as a product launch presentation
  • The purpose of a presentation for product launch 
  • Ingredients of an excellent product launch presentation
  • Steps to creating a winning presentation for product launch
  • Other tips for a presentation for product launch

What is a Product Launch Presentation?

A product launch presentation is exactly what it sounds like. A presentation for product launch is the one that aims to summarize the key elements of your new product. This presentation is usually made for a large number of stakeholders who need to understand your new product.

For example, Apple launches new iPhone models and models for other devices every year in their yearly Apple event. If they design presentations for this yearly product launch event—it will be a product launch presentation. 

A product launch presentation has many different ingredients (which we’ll talk about later) but the most important are:

  • Product overview
  • Key features
  • User benefits

And that’s it. That is what your presentation for the product is all about. Now let’s see what this presentation does. 

What does a Product Launch Presentation do?

A product launch presentation serves different purposes. Your competitors will have the same product as you, but they may not have a presentation like yours. Let’s see what all a presentation for product launch does for your brand:

  1. Aligns employees and stakeholders towards key features of your product

Both your employees and the stakeholders must know what your product is, what it does and how it could be helpful in society. A product launch presentation helps explain the in and outs of your presentation. By creating a presentation for product launch you don’t have to explain your product to different people at different times.

  1. Explains why your customers need your product

Before a customer buys your product, they must understand why they need it. A product launch presentation helps you do exactly that. Your presentation for product launch must include a “user benefits” section that will help your customers understand the kind of benefits they will derive out of your product. By explaining the benefits of your product, you’re also able to establish a connection with your customers.

  1. It addresses potential issues

It makes sense that when you launch a new product on the market that your prospective clients are unfamiliar with, they would have queries and worries.

While marketing initiatives like social media campaigns can tell people about the advantages and capabilities of the product, with a presentation you can precisely describe how it functions and convince them to buy it.

Furthermore, a presentation can clarify things like the launch roadmap, pricing, and the overall product launch plan, making everything evident even before the launch really happens. This will ensure that no worries or misunderstandings arise throughout the launch and post-launch stages because everyone will be informed and you can concentrate on carrying out your strategy.

  1. Creates a conversation about your product

If not make sales, a presentation for product launch will definitely help in creating a conversation about your product. Especially if you keep the stage open for questions once your presentation has ended. They offer a simple way for your audience to speak with you directly and guarantee that all inquiries are addressed. This may not be the case when a product is launched without a product launch presentation. 


Ingredients of an Excellent Presentation for Product Launch

Below is a list of five elements that make your product launch presentation hit the nail. Check them out:

  1. Demonstration of the product 

Speaking about the product without taking the time to learn more about it is not the greatest method to provide an accurate impression that will compel people to purchase it. Many people learn best through touch or imagery because they are kinesthetic or visual learners. 

However, individuals who read or listen to product specifics are just as vital for consuming information. Even if a person spends the entire evening talking about their product, the best effects won't be realized unless they give people a chance to use it personally. Consider this: Would a couch be purchased without being sat on?

  1. Entertainment of the audience  

Entertainment is the key element of a fantastic product presentation. It's not unexpected because when deciding whether to buy a new commodity or service, individuals are more likely to be moved by an emotional narrative than by a good one. 

Buyers need to be aware that training programs and new employment chances are being sold alongside lamps and other home comforts. If you want your presentation to be successful enough, give the audience an experience they'll remember. The target market must identify the product with pleasant feelings in their minds.

  1. Structure

Your product launch presentation must have a proper structure that it follows. For example, some really good product launch presentations portray their product in the form of storytelling. The before-after-bridge technique is great for storytelling. 

According to this technique, you show your customers a world with the current problem. Then you show them what would happen if this problem did not exist. Then you include your product and show them how it is the bridge between the before and the after.

Including such techniques to form the structure of your presentation will ensure that your presentation flows smoothly and the viewers do not get distracted too easily. 


  1. A clear message

Each presentation for product launch has a clear message which is to be conveyed to the audience. In some cases, it could be making sales of the product. In other cases it could include raising awareness about the new product you’re launching. 

Consider well-known businesses like Apple, Coke, Microsoft, and General Motors. Because they all firmly believe in their products and are able to adapt them in response to client feedback, they all produce breath-taking product launch events. Consider what works best from each one and pay attention to how they highlight the product.

  1. Master showmanship, delivery matters

You could have the best presentation in the world but if it is not delivered properly, there isn’t much impact that your product launch presentation can create. The secret to a great presentation is understanding which information is more significant to the target audience. Even while one may spend the entire evening discussing a new fitness tracker's design and beauty, the majority of the audience may be more interested in the device's features than its features themselves.

7 simple steps to create a winning product launch presentation

Here are seven simple steps to create a winning presentation for product launch.

#1 Define your goals

Before you start creating a presentation, the first step is to define your goals with the product and the presentation. You must understand why you’re launching the product that you are launching. Along with this, you should also know what you want out of the presentation. This includes having a clear idea of what action your stakeholders may take after viewing your presentation. 

For example, the goal of your presentation may be to get users to buy your products as soon as they view the presentation. In that case, your product launch presentation will need to focus more on your product USP and user benefits.

#2 Create an outline

Before you start designing the presentation for product launch, you must create an outline. An outline is something that gives you a rough idea about what the final presentation will look like. There are always a number of important items to mention during presentations. Making an outline will assist you make sure nothing gets missed.

Choose the topics you want to discuss and the order in which you want to present them first. You can keep this outline in your presentation too to let the audience see it in a separate slide. This will help them know what to anticipate and make your message more enlightening.

#3 Define your target market

Once the outline has been created, the next step is deciding which target market is going to view the presentation. This important information needs to be obtained because your product launch presentation will be designed based on who all will view it. 

This stage can actually be divided into two primary parts: identifying your target market's size and creating personas for your ideal customers. What is your anticipated market size in the first scenario? This will demonstrate whether there is a sufficient market for what you have to offer.

In the second scenario, you can elaborate on your target market and your ideal clients. Which genders, for instance, would your product appeal to? What about the age range, the places, and the behaviors? You should give each of these considerations some thought and space on a few Google or PowerPoint slides.

#4 Describe your product

Since it is a presentation for product launch, you will need to start describing your product now. We’d advise describing your product in at least 3-4 slides. This way more of your presentation will focus on your product. You will need to describe things like:

  • What is your product
  • The features and benefits of your product
  • The pricing of your product

By giving such information your audience will know if your product is a suitable fit for them.

You can use a step-by-step approach to describe how your product works. Whereas you can use bullets to describe the features of your product.

#5 Pick the right tool

It takes art to present your products or services. To be effective, you need to combine a variety of visually appealing presentations with an engaging delivery.

Long hours of planning, strategy, design, and organization may be necessary to accomplish this. You would need to create an outline, prepare your slide notes, find and use royalty-free images, and design your slides using them.

Pretty tiresome, I suppose. Tools and templates are useful for facilitating and speeding up work. Using templates speeds up the process of creating captivating and effective product presentation slides. They also offer guidance on how to maintain the organization and impact of your material. The majority of tools have fairly few functionality and a small amount of customizability. Visme is an exception to this, though.

# 6 Add graphics and visuals to your presentation

Think of the last time you viewed a presentation that had no visuals. You probably don’t. Because these presentations are very boring and you forget about them instantly. Most likely, you slept off during the presentation. Other people feel the same way about awful slide slideshows as you do.

There has never been more demand for innovative and captivating visual content. Consequently, you want amazing product presentation designs if you want to get the attention of the audience.

A survey found that 65% of adults learn best visually. The odds are in your favor if you use eye-catching pictures in your presentations. Do not use cartoonish or pixelated graphics. Avoid generic stock images, watermarked or copyrighted images, and avoid using copyrighted images. Instead, find high-quality images that will improve your presentation.

#7 Obtain feedback from your team and run it by them.

Running the presentation draft by your team will bring feedback for your product launch presentation. When different minds are put on a task more creativity and ideas will flow. 

Even if you're a skilled editor, getting a second set of eyes to review your presentation can help you make it better. Let's get to it. Your mind might automatically fill in the blanks with what you intended to say as you edited your presentation. However, other editors could easily point out mistakes or locations where you aren't clearly conveying your ideas.

And that’s it! With all edits, your winning presentation for product launch is ready! Now, take a look at some great examples of a presentation for product launch for inspiration to design your own!

Apple and their launch of Macbook Air

This video about Steve Jobs presenting their Macbook Air presentation for its product launch is the perfect example of how it should be done! Something is in the air. Steve Jobs opened his remarks at MacWorld 2008 with this. This short line immediately got everyone's attention because it alluded to the Macbook Air.

When you watch this video you’ll observe how each slide contains competitor analysis and features of the product. The storytelling and narration used by Steve Jobs is also commendable in this presentation.

Macworld San Francisco 2008-The MacBook Air Intro (Pt. 1)

Other Product Launch Presentation Tips

  • Maintain a single slide theme; make your slides consistent with your brand's rules. It's an effective technique to advance the branding of your business.
  • Don't cram your slides with too much material. Don't clutter up your PowerPoint with walls of text; keep it simple and orderly. You can try the 10/20/30 rule, which states that a presentation should have a minimum font size of 30 and a maximum of 10 slides.
  • Be aware of your delivery and style — Your mannerisms, demeanor, and tone of voice all matter a lot. Tim Cook and Steve Jobs each have their own stage presence, but they both did a fantastic job showcasing the latest Apple products. Be unique since everyone else has been taken.


Let Us Take Over

You’re all set to start creating a winning presentation for product launch, but there’s one problem. The lack of time and creativity. You may not have the time nor the creativity that is needed to create these presentations—but we do! We at INK PPT have the best designers that are experts in creating product launch presentations that’ll win hearts. Let us take over and take this burden off your shoulders.

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