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How to Nail your Product Launch Presentation?

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How to Nail your Product Launch Presentation?

(Tips for using presentation templates as a tool)

Do you remember back when you had a presentation to make, and you scrambled together the slides, pasting your logo on every slide? Yes, we've all been there! Luckily, today you can have a product launch presentation template ready to customize for your company. 

If you dislike the pre-presentation stress, a template is your best friend. In this article, we'll discuss why it's crucial to have a product launch presentation template, and later we'll look at some of the critical elements of a successful template. Let's dive right in:

What is a product launch presentation template?

A product launch presentation outlines all essential details of your new product launch to help it reach your customers and stakeholders. 

A product launch presentation template makes your life easy by giving you a skeleton of your branding patterns, designs that reflect your brand accurately, segments to highlight the benefits of your product, and a solid call to action.

Why is it important to have a product launch presentation template?

Imagine you have a product launch tomorrow. Will you scramble a product launch presentation by compiling a generic PowerPoint template? Or would it be better if you have a presentation template that reflects all your brand's qualities?

The latter would've made it much less stressful. And thankfully, you can have product launch presentation templates ready for use. So that when the time comes, you don't have to worry about the basics but focus on the areas that matter, such as positioning, delivering your product's benefits, etc. 

Here are some clear-cut reasons why it's a great idea to have a product launch presentation template:

  1. Consistency

If you think having consistency across your digital assets is okay, think again. In a survey that measured the impact of inconsistency, 56% felt that it destroys your brand's credibility. Also, 29% thought that it could slow down your sales cycle. 

Further, brand consistency leads to a 3.5% rise in brand visibility and a 23% rise in revenue.

Having a product launch presentation template ensures that presentations from anyone in your company stay consistent in font, layout, style, or color. 

  1. Branding

Regarding branding, your presentation template is right up there with your website, logo, and social presence. So when you launch your new product, you must bring up the recurring themes you want to project about your company and the products. What better way than a presentation template that you can use again for events?

Source: Lucidpress

  1. Efficiency

When d-day arrives, and you're finally approaching the product launch, you should focus on making your brand messaging better, not dragging and dropping random slides. Having a product launch presentation template ready helps you focus on what matters. You can prepare for the event stress-free and nail your product launch

  1. Formatting

Having a template to fall back on relieves your teammates from a non-design background. See? Your launch template can come in handy in multiple ways. Before the product launch, focus on how to position your product and drill down on the message you want to deliver. The template will take care of the rest. 

What does every product launch presentation template need?

Product launch presentations are used in multiple industries, and there's no single go-to format used by everyone. But certain elements have proven to work for a winning presentation. Here they are:

  1. Introduction

This part should hook the audience with something catchy yet get into the overview of your company. Remember, this is a must-have element, whether your targeted audience is familiar with your company or not. 

For instance, it should cover the following:

  • Company name
  • Goals and mission
  • Overview of your company
  • Your products and services
  • Evolution of your business and key members of your team
  1. The problem

This is the core of the entire presentation. You should highlight your customer's problems and needs in the launch. That's why your audience is here in the first place, remember? 

So this section should spotlight the audience's pain points in detail. Plus, it would be best to mention the cost of not rectifying their problem. 

  1. Solution-tied to product

Remember to touch on how your audience would feel if they had the solution for their worries. This is where you bring in your product. 

Please explain how your product or service solves their problem while making their lives easier. Include practical details that deserve mention, such as manufacturing process, functions, etc. 

  1. Benefits

The core of any product launch should be its value proposition, where you highlight its benefits. In other words, it helps turn on a mental switch in your audience. 

You can address the following questions in this section:

  • What will your audience get out of your product or service?
  • What makes your product or service unique?
  • Why should your prospect buy your product?

Make sure you surround your pitch with the benefits. 

  1. Positioning

Positioning lays down the values your brand wants to display. This section should remind your customers of your brand when they want similar products. Here's what it should include:

  • Your brand value
  • How your product's features make it better than the competition

A sample product launch presentation template

  1. Social proof

Social proof is necessary to prove that people find your product useful and to make them feel connected. In fact 79% of the consumers say that they believe online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

You can share testimonials, reviews, expert reviews, etc. Adding case studies would be a feather in your crown. This section can also include certifications, badges, or awards if any, so that people can trust you. 

  1. Call to action & conclusion

Finally, it's time to ask your customers to take that next step. The next step always depends on your specific product and solution. 

Your ultimate goal is to get customers to make the purchase. However, your CTA depends on the goal of your presentation. For instance, for a product launch at a trade show, you ask them to meet you at the booth and make the purchase. For digital products or services, you can give them a chance to ask questions. Eventually, you want them to buy your offering. 


By now, you must know the essentials of product launch presentation templates and why they matter. Use the above framework and let your product launch presentation weave a new success story. 

If you need help preparing a winning product launch presentation template, INK PPT can help! Just reach out to us. No more messy presentations!

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