Our Journey of Making Annual Growth Report 2018

I am excited to announce that we have completed and finally published our Annual Growth Report of the year 2018. It was a wonderful year and we have accomplished a lot of milestones. Annual Growth Report that got published last year received a lot of love and appreciation. Hence, we decided to make it a yearly practice. This keeps our team motivated and brings us closer. It gives us a purpose and directions to our goal. Every team member has contributed their best in making this Annual Growth Report, a grand success.

How we started:

Since the benchmark set by the last year’s report was quite high, we planned to design something nice, unique and creative this year. We started working on this year’s report in early December. Given the limited time, we knew we had a huge task in our hands. We had no clue about which direction to take and what different to do. I gathered my team members and we brainstormed together. Many options and ideas were shared and several hours were spent in coming up with a perfect plan to execute this task.

Concept Design:

We thought of many ideas around the concept, theme, visualization, communication, choice of presentation template design and how to present this report. In the end, we thought of trying our hands with GIFs & created several handcrafted short animated pebbles. These pebbles are the memories on our long journey to the destination as we walk along the river carving our way out.

Checkout a few of them below:

Finally, it’s here:

After burning midnight oil and spending over 10 days we have finally completed our Annual Growth Report and here is the glimpse of it http://renure.com/home/annual-reports/ar-2018/. We all loved it as we have lived every moment mentioned in the Annual Report throughout the year. Hope you like it as well.

Behind the scene image library:

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