Virtual presentation tools to make your presentation stand out

With pandemic, live presentations are almost cancelled and we have switched to presenting virtually. With this, virtual presentations have become common in the workplace than ever before. To help you create one, here are some virtual presentation tools at your disposal. These will make your presentation stand out and helps you to engage more with your audience.

Prezi Video

Prezi video is a virtual presentation tool that brings content to the screen. It helps in creating professional and modern looking presentations that are visually compelling and engaging. To create a presentation with Prezi, use Prezi’s video templates which are both free and paid. People who are looking for unique presentations to create engagement and stay connected to their virtual audience can create presentations using the templates. Try out Prezi for training presentations, sales pitch deck, webinar, virtual class, and more.


Otter is a tool that transcribes audio to text. It is a note-taking tool that enables virtual audiences to capture information without breaking focus during a virtual presentation. Run Otter in a virtual meeting to record the conversations of the audience. With this, you can create a written record of what your audience has said. Once you are done with the recording, Otter provides an automatic summary of the phrases and generates a nifty word cloud. The tool helps you to connect with more audience during the presentations. This can also be used during event presentations.


Creatopy is a tool that helps you to create animated GIFs for presentation slides, emails, banners, and more. To create GIFs, you can use a pre-designed template or start from scratch. Customize the text, pick your imagery, and text to create an interactive GIF for your presentation slides. You can create an animation that will pop up on your screen. With Creatopy’s drag-and-drop editor feature, creating a GIF doesn’t consume much time in making. Create professional interactive presentation designs in minutes.


The Docket is a workspace to collaboratively build meeting agendas and create reminders so that no pointer is left undiscussed in the virtual meeting. Docket being a shared workplace helps in keeping all the team members aligned and stay up to date on the workings and learnings. This tool can be used to organize a virtual presentation with a client or an internal stakeholder. You can even store notes on the presentation conversation with the audience. The Docket can be integrated on platforms including Google and Zoom. Get Docket to organize your meeting and team well.


Grain is a tool to record and share highlights of virtual meetings. The tool helps in keeping records and recapping them so that they can be viewed later after the meeting. With Grain, instead of reading or listening to the presentation, the team can focus on the highlights of the meeting. It is a very useful addition to virtual presentations especially when a team wants to see the highlights or other pointers post the presentation. You can send your audience the highlights of the major parts of your presentation via Grain.


Krisp is a noise-cancelling tool. It is used to improve the audio quality of virtual presentations, conferences, communication app, videos, and more. All you have to do is, turn it on and remove background noise from yourself and other people who are present in the meeting. Krisp is an easy and quick tool to set up and works with different type of headsets and microphones. So, whenever you are presenting from a shared space, try Krisp.

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