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Gain a Competitive Advantage in Your Presentations

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Ankush Dahiya
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Gain a Competitive Advantage in Your Presentations

People are sensitive to visuals. We’re hardwired to assign emotions to what we see. So before your presentation even begins, your audience has already formed a first impression, from the visuals they see. 

As businesses trying to gain attention, how do you set yourself apart from your competition who are also striving to engage your audience through excellent designs? 

The answer is presentation consulting. 

A fantastic design might not be equivalent to a great presentation. But presentation consulting bridges this gap—so that a great design and presentation are the same.

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In this article, we look at what presentation consulting is, and its importance. Let’s get started:

What is presentation consulting?

Presentation consultants take design up a notch and make it presentable. They create compelling visuals and make them work for the clients—so that it remains in sync with the message and delivers it in a powerful way. 

A presentation consultant scans the presentation script and creates designs surrounding it. They too build visuals, but with more insight about the content than the designer. At the end of the day, presentation consulting is all about bringing designs with a message. 

Why do you need presentation consulting?

The importance of presentation consulting is undeniable in business. Be it marketing, communications, or even branding. Let’s take a look at why it's crucial for each of these business pillars:

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  1. For better marketing

In marketing, presentations make the difference between grabbing attention and being forgotten. Compelling, effective presentation is key to the success of marketing campaigns. 

Marketing presentations stretch from ad campaigns to product launches and service delivery presentations. A nice marketing campaign generates interest in your product or service. But without compelling presentations to showcase their perks, your customers will not want it.

  1. For better branding

In your quest to stand ahead of your competition and appear great in front of stakeholders, you need to display professional standards. For instance, if you don’t highlight the qualities and benefits of your product, and underline the best testimonials and reviews, nobody will know about your offering. Brand consulting helps you convey that your offering deserves attention. 

  1. For better communication

Strong communication is key to successful business. Without it, information gets strangled on its way. In the end, it might end up as the wrong information. 

Your presentations are like stacks of cards. Without a solid foundation, the communication has no basis. If you haven’t identified the core point of your presentation, it becomes harder to present supporting arguments or ideas too. 

Your presentation is a strong communication tool. See your presentation as a communication bridge. Without the right messaging, visuals, and structure, you’ll fail to lead your customers to the other side. In other words, you may miss out on the goal of your presentation. 

When you engage a presentation consultant, they bring:

  • Design
  • Structure
  • Key points
  • Overall delivery

When they use their experiences and expertise to put together the puzzle, you’ll be delivering your messages smoothly. 

Why INK PPT's seasoned consultants are the perfect choice for you?

As a powerpoint consultant with over a decade of industry experience, INK PPT has you covered when it comes to presentations. We have worked with multiple Fortune 500 clients. Plus, our founder is a Microsoft MVP awardee for 2 years in a row. INK PPT follows a tried and tested approach in presentation consulting:

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  1. Discovery

Our first course of action is the obvious—find out exactly what the client wants. 

It starts with studying the initial script provided by the client containing the messaging and information to be included. We take notes extensively and use any reference or example provided by the client.

Once clear about the requirements, we work on the aspects of presentation which appeals to your audience —where you get the strongest emotional responses. 

  1. Development

Now that we have an idea of the content, we start drafting the structure of the presentation. 

The client’s script may not have cues on the best visual components that work. We can add the context to find the relevant parts. Where the best visuals need to be inserted? Which points will drive your point home more effectively?

  1. Designing

This is the step where visuals will come to life. We organise our ideas and transform them into something capable of moving the audience. 

We build presentations around empathy and emotional responses to ensure it creates the desired impact. We sprinkle images and text in an even blend to keep it interesting. 

  1. Review

Once we’ve prepared the presentation, we make sure it runs through multiple sets of eyes and see if it makes the desired impact. If the client is not happy with the work, we make sure to rework it and ensure progress. 

INK PPT Case studies that aced presentation consulting

Here are some of our most satisfying works that helped our beloved clients and their businesses. 

  1. Awign presentation 

INK PPT designed a new presentation design and brand visualisation system for Awign, while also identifying their core value proposition in the process. 

  1. JKT presentation

In this corporate presentation for JKT, we added young, smart visuals that reflected their brand value. We organised key elements like solutions, teams, capabilities and so on. Most importantly, we helped JKT to bring down the development time to 3 days. 


As you may already know, it’s not just enough to make something look attractive. Your presentation should tell a story and deliver the right messages. Only then you can ask your audience to take the required action. 

If you’re looking for experienced presentation consultants, look no further than INK PPT, your go to ppt consultancy. We offer top notch presentation consultation services and everything you’ll need for your presentations. 

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Portrait of a person named Ankush

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