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Elemica is a Supply Chain Operating Network provider, designed to give you total control over your global supply chains. Capturing your transaction data, across all your trading partners, and translating it into actionable information is key to driving value out of your supply chain. That keen insight is achieved by combining powerful SmartLink business process applications with a robust QuickLink Network. (Source: www.elemica.com)

Project Background

A project manager from Elemica approached us to design a single slide business case study presentation using their existing data into a visually engaging scenario based animation which can be easily understood by the audiences without any one to one explanation.


It was a 10 slide presentation having case study on a single slide while other slides were designed by different teams over the years. Every slide lacked the consistency and visual appeal to engage customers, the Case study was easy to understand but it looked traditional & old style, every slide had something unique in terms of brand icons, images etc which were not aligned with the brand look and there were a lot of screenshots with descriptions layered one over the other.
Other considerations – Client had a well-defined brand guidelines which we had to followed for iconography, fonts and presentation template usage.

What we did

We did an in-depth examination of the brand to understand their previous presentations, new presentation template, nature of business, icon family, font style and their brand guidelines.
Post understanding, we crafted a well laid out animated scenario based case study. All the remaining slides of the presentations were also redesigned to align with the fresh brand look.
Several new icons were also designed to communicate the required business concepts like automation, optimization and mapping.


We feel special to be able to add value to our client’s organization. The observations and end results of our efforts were manifold.
Organizational efficiency– The case study helped several managers at Elemica to create an engaging experience for their customers for explaining complex business scenarios in a simple and visually rich way
Brand Building – The similar and standardized look & feel of the entire deck helped in building a strong association and recognition with the brand
Better Presentations – The presentations looked much better than before by having a completely fresh and modernized look to the decks which stayed untouched for years
More & Repeat business – We were awarded the contract to convert several other presentation decks into the modernized one based on the story telling based design approach
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