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Developed and designed Citizenship Report portraying CSR initiatives by Microsoft throughout the year.
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Microsoft is a globally recognized technology leader that has a significant responsibility towards its people and the global community.

As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Microsoft creates an annual Citizenship Report to showcase its social excellence across various verticals. The Citizenship Report demonstrates the company's commitment to social responsibility and highlights the impact of its CSR initiatives.


INK PPT, a trusted partner with expertise in creating compelling reports, was approached by Microsoft's team to design the Citizenship Report for the year. INK PPT's challenge was to create a Citizenship Report that was aligned with Microsoft's existing visual language but unique and engaging enough to capture the attention of a diverse audience.

The report needed to be optimized for digital formats and accessible to readers with varying levels of familiarity with Microsoft's CSR initiatives. Additionally, the report needed to showcase Microsoft's CSR activities throughout the year in a compelling fashion.


INK PPT developed a visual language that used the concept of tiles from Microsoft's existing design persona. This approach allowed the team to create an engaging report that was consistent with Microsoft's brand identity.

The tile units and infographics were used to develop the report's layout, adhering to the existing Microsoft design guidelines. Text formatting and fonts were taken from the existing Microsoft guidelines. The report was designed using PowerPoint, optimized for digital formats, and incorporated hyperlinks to showcase information efficiently.


  • The final Citizenship Report was appreciated by the entire team and the viewers.
  • INK PPT was successful in developing a visual language that followed Microsoft's existing design while being unique and engaging for the audience.
  • The report was accessible and engaging for a wide range of readers, including those with varying levels of familiarity with Microsoft's CSR initiatives.
  • The report's hyperlinks and optimized digital format ensured an efficient showcase of the information.
  • Most importantly, the report achieved Microsoft's primary objective of showcasing their CSR activities throughout the year and highlighting their commitment to social excellence.
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