NASSCOM Donor Report 2015- 16

Designed Donor Report reflecting the industry impact of corporations for NASSCOM.
Report design

NASSCOM Donor Report 2015- 16

The National Association of Service & Software Companies, commonly known as NASSCOM is at the heart of the IT Industry in India. The NASSCOM Foundation is its social arm that envisions capturing and creating social transformation brought through technology. They needed their Donor Report designed for 2015-’16, portraying the initiatives and campaigns led by corporations around the nation, and their impact on the industry and the society.

Designing Impact

A Donor Report is information heavy in nature. Our challenge was to create a visual narrative that represents the data in a simplistic manner, while enhancing the focus on impact that reflects the purpose of the report. Our approach was to design it in a PowerPoint format with a gentle color palette. We designed infographics and simplified statistics to improve their understanding. The iconography and use of imagery made the communication direct and effective. The final report that was created was a collaboration of visuals, icons, templates and design tools that showcased impact effectively, without missing out on the core communication.


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