PolyCab EPC

Reinnovated presentation design for power EPC projects of Polycab.
Presentation Design

Polycab: A Leading Manufacturer

Polycab stands amongst India’s leading manufacturers in the segment of cables, wires, core electric circuitry, and allied products such as uPVC conduits, lugs, and glands. As an innovative and well aware manufacturing company, their range of cables are available for practically every necessity that occurs in the market. They have gripped their presence in the contemporary market with their recently launched range of consumer oriented electrical products.

Their Capabilities for Power & Telecom

Polycab is a capacitive brand, with an agile record of executing power EPC projects in variant geographies in the country quite impressively. Their works across the states included the upliftment of livelihood by developing power sub-transmission and distribution networks. The positive results are evident in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Odisha among others. They also reduced the environmental risks like deforestation, short circuiting in harsh weather conditions, or excessive manual labour by shifting the overhead power transmission to an underground cable network, which serves the purpose more efficiently and effectively. These initiatives were executed in the states of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Their capabilities were evident through their performance, and had a vivid scope to be presented impactfully.

Design Driven by Power and Determination

The presentation was to be designed with all the statistics and numbers involved in their projects that needed to be showcased, following the visual path of their pre-existing guidelines. Created with utmost delicacy and detailing, their presentation was a balanced amalgamation of real images from their sites, vectors, line drawings, illustrations & infographics. We held on to our creative alterations within their brand colors & fonts. By using the red, orange, and blue, we designed and developed various elements that signified their functioning and their own language. We beautified every aspect of their information, images, and other intricate data, while keeping the presentation simple and streamlined. After a useful span of research and exploration, we created the presentation deck which was designed to be visually appealing and precise with information simultaneously.

The presentation deck we built communicated the functioning and journey of power EPC projects of Polycab to the audience for a considerable span ranging over a decade.


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